Monday, 23 January 2017

LectroLips 2017

Hey! We hope everyone's having a good start to 2017. 

It's been a while since we posted and we just wanted to thank all our fans who bought, 'liked' and shared our latest track "Daddy Issues". 

We're working on loads of new music at the moment, including a new song called "Requiem", which is inspired by our love of 1970s ballads and comes complete with a string section and eight-part backing vocals. We're currently mixing the track and are aiming to release it with a our first full length video in February. 

We're also hoping to do some more live shows later in the year.

Thanks again for your ongoing support - it is much appreciated.

To any fellow musicians, artists, dancers, writers and other creative types out there, we're always up for a collaboration, so please feel free to get in touch! 

Ant & Leo